Mario’s Hat Interviews Jeff Kingsley, Eastern Canadian ROTAX Kart Champion

Talking about karting, real and virtual.

Hey, remember Mario’s Canadian Karting Day?

It was a fun time for all involved and people raced go-karts, played mini-golf, and entered to win various prizes, including a life-sized Mario Kart for children. Oh, and there were also opportunities to play the newly-launched Mario Kart 8, of course.

For us, however, there was also a little bit of work to be done, as we sat down for a few minutes with Eastern Canadian ROTAX Kart Champion Jeff Kingsley. We spoke about his real-life go-karting experiences, and took advantage of his expertise to not only see how well Mario Kart 8 stacks up to the real thing, but also what he would bring back to the sport from Mario’s world, among other things.

Next time, we’ll bring you our interview with Nintendo of Canada’s Matt Ryan, who talks a bit more about Nintendo’s biggest game this year thus far. To learn more about Jeff, check out Nintendo of Canada’s announcement of their sponsorship of him here!


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