First Gameplay Trailer of WWE 2K15 Revealed

It’s here. *whoosh!*

Following last night’s airing of the roster reveal on WWE Network (it was recorded at SummerSlam, but still fun to watch if you missed the Twitch stream), 2K has released the first gameplay trailer for WWE 2K15.

For those wondering, that picture of Bray Wyatt above? Yes, that’s from the trailer.

Check it out here:

Incidentally, it’s never specified whether this is from the Xbox 360/PlayStation 3 version (coming October 28th) or the recently-delayed Xbox One/PlayStation 4 version (coming November 18th).

The second part of the roster reveal will air next Monday, September 29th, presumably after Monday Night Raw once again. 2K would also like to remind everyone that those who pre-order get an extra character in the form of the icon Sting, both in his classic neon and black-and-white Crow colors. That seems like a pretty good incentive to me, but then I find it hard to dislike Sting.

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