Going Live-Action for Sunset Overdrive Was Clearly a Mistake

A terrible, glorious mistake.

Following my hands-on with Sunset Overdrive, it should be little secret that I am in love with this game, and pretty much anything referring to it is going to grab my attention. So naturally, when Topless Robot (one of my top daily stops for all things nerdy and cool) posted this trailer from Microsoft titled “The Live Action Trailer for the Game Too Big for a Live Action Trailer,” you know I immediately took notice.

Please note that this trailer is Not Safe For Work (NSFW). I haven’t been keeping track, but it might even be the most NSFW trailer I’ve ever posted on this site, at least since the last one. That probably isn’t saying much, but I’m just saying that “Get ready to die, @$$hole!” being repeated in an electronic voice is probably bound to attract unwanted attention in certain places.

But enough of that; on with the show!

If there’s ever been a game that couldn’t be translated into a live-action trailer, Sunset Overdrive is that game. With its unique blend of hyper agility and inventive weaponized destruction, Sunset Overdrive is the one game that would be disastrous to attempt to make real.

So that’s what we did.

Stay to the end (or just click here to experience an interactive version of the trailer above.

Sunset Overdrive arrives on Xbox One on October 28th, 2014.


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