Reggie Fils-Aime, Matt Ryan Announce Super Smash Club for Canadians (Updated)

Your club, your rules.

Earlier today, Nintendo of America’s Reggie Fils-Aime and Nintendo of Canada’s Matt Ryan joined with the folks at the Electric Playground Network (EPN) to deliver a special announcement to fans across Canada:

Reggie pouring on the maple syrup and asking for poutine… now there’s a memory that will remain forever etched in my mind.

The Super Smash Club, sponsored by Future Shop (and which, yes, we are allowed to talk about), is a way for Super Smash Bros. fans across Canada to connect and interact with one another in a manner not unlike their previous Tomodachi Life, Animal Crossing: New Leaf, and Pokemon meet-ups. Unlike those events, however, we daresay that this one is a bit more involved.

As per the Super Smash Club website, there will be a social event from September 18th to September 26th, 2014, in which participants can define the rules of Super Smash Club. By using the hashtag #SuperSmashClub on Twitter and Facebook, you can submit the rule of your choice for a chance to have it as one of the final ten selected for the event. If yours (or one similar to yours) is chosen, then you’ll be entered for a chance to win one of twenty pieces of Super Smash Bros. merchandise– a rare prize, indeed! The selected rules will be announced on September 29th.

Next, from October 1st through 10th, you’ll use the #SuperSmashClub tag on Twitter or Facebook to share your fandom with Nintendo of Canada by submitting your Super Smash Bros.-themed artwork, cosplay, favourite memory, picture, or video. “The most creative submissions will be shared by Nintendo of Canada on our Facebook page or Twitter feed, and of those fans, ten will be awarded a piece of Super Smash Bros. merchandise!”

(Update: A new press release from Nintendo of Canada has revealed that the merchandise for the first two parts is a Super Smash Club towel.)

Finally, this is the big one: Attending a Super Smash Club event. By doing so, you’ll have a chance to test your skills against the biggest fans in Canada in Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS. Everyone who attends receives a Super Smash Club takeaway item and a chance to win additional prizing onsite. The events will run on Saturdays from October 18th to November 8th, and by bringing your Nintendo 3DS and copy of the game, you’ll get to battle and StreetPass with other fans.

One thing, though: There are a few “main” events that you’ll have to pre-register to attend, though admission is free. Click the link above to get tickets for Toronto, Mississauga, Montreal, and Vancouver (I tried to place them here, but they don’t seem to work except when accessed by the above link).


Events are shown in their local time.

Additional events will be held at select Future Shop stores and other locations across the country. RSVP is not required for these events, of which a few have been announced so far:


For further details, contest rules, and so forth, click this link.


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