More SEGA 3D Classics Headed to Nintendo 3DS in 2015

SEGA does…?

It’s been a while since Nintendo has released anything new into its line of “3D Classics” titles– 2012’s 3D Classics Kid Icarus, to be precise. But since then, SEGA has taken up the cause themselves, getting developer M2 to basically rebuild several of their arcade and Genesis titles from the ground up with various new features to be released in the Nintendo 3DS eShop under the “3D Classics” moniker.

AfterBurner ThunderBlade

Beginning in late November 2013, the company released Nintendo 3DS-specific versions of Space Harrier, Super Hang-On, Altered Beast, Ecco the Dolphin, Galaxy Force II, Shinobi III: Return of the Ninja Master, Streets of Rage, and Sonic the Hedgehog in North America. This week, they’ve announced that 2015 will see the addition of five more titles to the fold: After Burner II, Fantasy Zone, OutRun, Fantasy Zone II, and Thunder Blade, with each title appearing monthly after After Burner II‘s release.

FantasyZone FantasyZone2

“These games were completely re-built to offer a robust 3D experience that offers more modern gameplay while still keeping true to the original,” said SEGA of America President and Chief Operating Officer John Cheng. “These are the best versions of some of our most unforgettable games and playing them is just like sitting in an arcade machine”.


As before, SEGA promises that these releases will “[recreate] the environment down to the mechanical sounds of the arcade machines themselves” and also “[add] to the original experience with new modes, options, and original musical tracks.” The Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price for each is $5.99 U.S. dollars, and their releases will be covered as they happen in future Nintendo Downloads.


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