Talking Sonic the Hedghog Comics with the Power Button Podcast… and Ian Flynn!

The guest of the guest is put to the Super Sonic test.

beanisawesomeBecause hosts Matthew Green and Blake Grundman have still yet to learn their lesson, I’ve returned once more to the Power Button podcast. Jiminy Willickers, this is almost starting to turn into a regular gig!

For this week’s topic, however, I brought back-up in the form of my tag team partner in crime charity, Ian “Potto” Flynn. We continue our look into the wide, wide world of comic books based on video games with Archie’s decades-spanning hit series, Sonic the Hedgehog, so who better to have on board for the discussion than the man who has penned more than 100 issues of the Blue Blur’s adventures, spread across some four books (and some change, if you count the Sonic Super Digest and Super Sonic Special magazine)?

Along the way, you’ll hear about some of the book’s milestones and achievements, what it’s like dealing with a video game licensing company, the work that goes into creating the book, and just for kicks, what happens if you do a search of your name followed by “the Hedgehog” on deviantART (and much screaming/crying from Blake as a result). To hear others tell it, it sounds like I got off easy there.

As ever, you can download this edition from Stitcher or iTunes, perform wicked RSS feed magicks, or just listen to/download it from Press The Buttons directly.

Hmm, with all this talk of blue video game heroes starring in books from Archie Comics, it almost feels like I’ve forgotten something… maybe it’ll come to me in a few weeks or so?


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