Nintendo Reveals Rosalina amiibo Plans for Canada

No longer a Target exclusive.

amiibo_rosalinaWith the recent announcement that Target Canada would be ceasing operations in Canada, there was one question on the minds of Nintendo fans: Will they still be carrying the Target-exclusive Rosalina (and Luma) amiibo figure?

The answer, simply, is no. No, they will not.

However, their loss is effectively a gain for everyone else. In response to my query, a statement from Nintendo of Canada reads “The Rosalina amiibo will be available soon in limited quantities at the following retailers in Canada: Best Buy, Future Shop, Wal-Mart, EB Games, Toys ‘R’ Us and Please see your local retailer for more information on timing and availability.”

As of this writing, however, only has any listing on their website for the figure of the Cosmic Travelers, and even those only appear to be from scal– er, resellers who have marked up the price considerably, rather than from Amazon themselves.

Still, now fans don’t have to rely on the small spread of Target stores across Canada to get Rosalina, though it sounds like the quantity will still be rather limited. But then, that’s nothing new with these figures, though at least the good and the bad seem to balance each other out.

Worth noting is that Rosalina and Luma are scheduled for a 2/1 release date in the U.S., but with the change in plans here, it’s difficult to say whether it will be available here on the same day. As per Nintendo’s statement, we’ll just have to check with the retailers to find out what we can. If you learn anything, feel free to drop me a tip!


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  • Bryce Gamble

    Please don’t be playing with my emotions.

    • I prefer playing with video games than with emotions; that said, the above news is completely legit, and I hope that’s not bad news for you somehow.

  • snjsmom

    Is it possible to see the source of this? Concrete proof before I get my hopes up?

    • It was an e-mail from Nintendo of Canada’s PR. Are you asking for a screencap or something?

    • ANNON
    • NoUseForAName

      I found three rosalina’s in my local TRU today, however there was a man (stressing the MAN part) who bought all three the moment I’d spotted them. I only want one. Dudebro was waiting at the end of the checkout lines showing anyone who bought a amiibo, how “lucky” he was.

      i find this amiibo thing is bringing out the worst in people. that guy was a douche and even the cashier was showing disdain. it was especially difficult because he reveled in the thought of the extra money he’ll get from scalping these.

      *le sigh*

      • I do hate scalpers so very much, and it’s very disappointing that Nintendo keeps giving them fodder in such a way. I was at least hopeful that with the Rosalina amiibo dispersed among numerous chains that at least it might make things harder for them… maybe it’s only allowed more scalpers to come away with fewer figures?

  • Jenny Baker

    Where is your source? Where did Nintendo specifically say this?

    • My source is an e-mail from Nintendo of Canada’s PR. I copied and pasted the text verbatim (well, I closed a space after a comma for tidiness).

    • ANNON

      There is a tweet from futureshop about it as well posted above 🙂

  • Sophie

    No official Rosalina listing on yet, just third party sellers.

  • Well LBD, you came through. Amazon right now as we speak has it up for preorder (or temporarily out of stock)


    Great article.
    I’ve found my Rosalina amiibo at