Fable Legends Goes Free-to-Play

Despite the connotations, Lionhead expresses commitment to quality.

In an interesting turn of events, Lionhead Studios has announced that the upcoming Xbox One/Windows 10 PC title Fable Legends is daring to tread where few games outside of mobile and social platforms ever go: Free-to-play. Well, “free” to play in the case of Xbox One players, as an Xbox Live Gold account will be required to get in on the action.

To accompany this announcement, Lionhead released the following video to help explain how the whole thing will work:

As explained in the video by Game Director David Eckelberry, those worried about “free-to-play” equaling “pay-to-win” (as some such titles are wont to do) are addressed with the developers’ three commitments:

Open: You’ll be able to play Fable Legends from beginning-to-end without spending a penny. That means you’ll have access to the entirety of Fable Legends’ storyline and all of the quests we release this year and forever.

Fair: Everything in Fable Legends that affects gameplay can be earned by simply playing the game.

Generous: Our goal is to have a happy community of players. We’ll be updating the game with exciting new quests to play through, Heroes to play as, Villain creatures to control, and lots more.

While it’s good to know that they are indeed aware of the stigma which comes from having a free-to-play game, time will tell if they’re able to truly live up to the commitments they’ve set for themselves. That said, if they do manage that, then the game looks like a fun experience to play with friends.

There are more details to behold regarding the Fable Legends free-to-play experience available on their website, as well as an free-to-play FAQ accompanying the announcement that you’ll find here. Finally, if you would like to take part in the beta, then click right here.


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