Photos from the Evolve Toronto Launch Event

The hunt begins.

On Monday night, Microsoft celebrated the launch of 2K Games’ newest title, Evolve, which is now available for the PlayStation 4, Steam, and Xbox One (the latter of which was the focus of this particular event, of course).

In addition to getting to play the game hours before its official Tuesday release date, those in attendance were able to partake in a “hunt” of their own, with six different marked stations spread throughout The Burroughes Building in Toronto, each manned by a representative sporting hats, bandoliers, and other fun hunting costuming (I actually kind of fit in for a change). Some stations simply involved playing the game, whereas others involved getting your picture taken and having a monster added to it for you to show off online or even getting snacks at the bar serving Pepsi and Doritos products.

Doritos make a fine catch, but they're vicious when wounded.

Doritos make a fine prey, but they’re vicious when wounded.

Participating in each station would also earn you a bit of swag, save for the latter two mentioned, which were basically swag in themselves. Other items to pick up included headbands, stickers, wristbands, and toques.


“Let’s get ready to engage in non-trademark infringing confliiiiiiiiiict~!”

Gameplay stations consisted of some basic training for both hunters and monsters alike, followed by some single player fun. The big event, however, took place up on the stage as four players each took up a different role as members of a team to hunt down the fifth player, who controlled the monster in a Battle Royale.


Long line is long…

Those worried about the four-on-one odds stacking things in the hunters’ favor should know that the monster had a nice victory streak going for a while there, with a nice, long line of potential victims to come, as you can see above.

For a bigger look at the whole event, here are two galleries. Mine is up first, taken amateurishly on my phone without the benefit of better lighting.

Then we have the official photos Microsoft had taken at the event, which look a far cry better than mine.

From what I can tell, it was a fun time for everyone involved, and I thank Microsoft and 2K Games for having me out to check out their latest! Plus, I hope that if you were wondering what one of their launch events is like, this gives you a better idea and perhaps inspires you to join in as well!


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