Splatoon Direct Paints the Town Red with Free Demo Events and Post-Launch Content

Global Testfire and more.

While you might have heard about the “Global Testfire” of Splatoon earlier today by way of the Nintendo Download, the company also held a half-hour Nintendo Direct dedicated to the ink-splattering title:

While you’ll want to watch the video to get all the details, highlights (by way of a subsequent press release) include that the free demo now available in the Nintendo eShop will allow players to participate in the Global Testfire event, which features four-on-four online battles during one-hour demo events “set at optimal times for global play.” The first such event will take place from 8pm to 9pm PT on Friday, May 8th. During this event, members of the Nintendo Treehouse will also be broadcasting a live stream as they engage other Testfire participants (keep an eye out for Inklings in lab coats). Additional opportunities are slated for Saturday, May 9th from both 4am to 5 am and from 12pm to 1pm.

Four-on-Four Online Action: Players will have to think strategically when participating in Splatoon’s Turf War mode. Two stages are refreshed every four hours, meaning players will have to carefully consider weapons and tactics for the stages on hand. Different weapons work better in different stages, so players will discover depth in the weaponry as they focus their strategies on different two-stage pairings. After each four-on-four match, players are randomly reshuffled to form new teams, so sometimes players will be working with their friends and other times they’ll be looking to take them down.

Splatoon will be available at retail and in the Nintendo eShop for Wii U on May 29th, and five Turf War stages will be available at that time. However, Nintendo intends to add free new stages throughout the Summer, as well as new weapons, gear, and battle modes. A major update will arrive in August, bringing with it the ability for friends to form their own four-person teams and seek out others of the same, as well as allowing eight friends to battle in four-on-four matches with any stage and rules they want. Oh, and more gear and a new battle mode will be included, too.

The game by itself will cost $69.99, or you can get it as part of a Wii U Deluxe system bundle for $329.99. Also available is an amiibo 3-Pack, which can unlock special missions to get more gear.



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