Warner Bros. Interactive Announces Gauntlet: Slayer Edition for PlayStation 4

Shooting food is still bad.

Warner Bros. Interactive announced today that they will be bringing their dungeon-crawling Steam brawler Gauntlet to the PlayStation 4 under the name of Gauntlet: Slayer Edition. It is currently up for pre-order on the PlayStation Store now, awaiting your $19.99 as we move towards its August 11th release date. Those who do will receive codes for the in-game items “Mordok’s Screaming Hammer” and “Reaper’s Visage Helm” for Thor the Warrior.

Unfortunately, their trailer for this release missed a huge marketing opportunity:

Not a single Slayer song anywhere. Maybe at launch?

On a personal note, I think it’s great that this is coming to consoles, as I quite enjoyed the Steam version, which you can read all about in my review here. It’s unfortunate that it’s coming to PlayStation 4 only, however, though one can hope this is simply a timed exclusive. I’d love to review it myself, but I lack the hardware. Of course, by clicking the banner at the bottom of this post, maybe you can help me overcome that?

The ESRB has rated Gauntlet: Slayer Edition M for Mature due to “Violence, Blood, and Gore.” However, thanks to an option you can toggle in the game, you can disable the gore if you so desire. The violence and blood, not so much it would seem.



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