Sony Announces PlayStation 4 Price Cuts for North America

Two countries, two price cuts.

In the dead of night, Sony Computer Entertainment America’s Vice President of Platforms Marketing, John Koller, came howling onto the scene with an announcement: the PlayStation 4 would be receiving a price cut in the United States and Canada, effective October 9th — just in time for the release of Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection, as it so happens.

However, despite the unified front of the announcement, there are actually two different cuts at play here. In the U.S., $50 will be slashed from their price of $399.99, bringing it down to $349.99. In Canada, the $449.99 price tag will be reduced to… $429.99, only $20 off (Edit: I accidentally said $30 before; just makes this even better, doesn’t it?). Doesn’t have quite the same punch to it, does it? But I suppose that’s the power of the American dollar for you.

There are several bundles available or soon to be available at retail in time for this to affect them, and the PlayStation.Blog has kindly provided the following chart to tell you how much you can expect to pay for the respective bundle of your choice:


So, now that you know Sony’s plan heading into the holiday season, has this shifted your buying plans for the holiday season? Or are you still going to hold out hope that maybe a Black Friday sale will come and bring things even lower (or at least add more value)? Feel free to share how/if this affects you in the comments below.

News Credit: PlayStation.Blog, via Kotaku



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