Nintendo Celebrates 20 Years of Pokémon with Pokkén Tournament and 3DS Bundles

Embrace ten times two with both the old and the new.

Oh yeah, now we’re talkin’.

Pokémon has been around for two decades now, and during that time, most of the famed Pokémon Battles to take place have been menu-based affairs in the core series. Options for pure fighting, however, have been a bit slimmer — there have been a handful of the eponymous pocket monsters featured in Super Smash Bros., of course, but only a handful as part of a much larger ensemble.

That all changes come March 18th, however, as the pure Pokémon fighting game Pokkén Tournament comes exclusively to the Wii U. For $74.99 CAD, you’ll be ready to rumble with high-definition visuals some of the most recognizable Pokémon characters take each other straight down to the mat — or whatever surface they end up fighting on.

Plus, those who buy in to the first production run of physical copies will receive a special amiibo card featuring Shadow Mewtwo. Tap it on the Wii U GamePad controller, and you’ll unlock this shadowy psychic as a playable character in the game.

That’s not all, though! To further commemorate the launch of the Pokémon franchise 20 years ago in Japan, the previously announced Virtual Console releases of the original Pokémon games (Pokémon Red Version, Pokémon Blue Version, and Pokémon Yellow Version: Special Pikachu Edition) will be available in the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo 3DS at a price of $12.49 each on February 27th — the day the original games were first released all those years ago. While that price does sound incredibly steep for Game Boy Virtual Console games, do bear in mind that extra effort was put into these, allowing players to use the system’s wireless communication to battle and trade Pokémon just like in the good ol’ days.

Also on that day, a New Nintendo 3DS Pokémon 20th Anniversary bundle will be released. For $239.99 CAD, you’ll receive the New Nintendo 3DS (not XL) system, both Pokémon Red Version and Pokémon Blue Version pre-installed on the system alongside an exclusive Pokémon Home menu theme, and perhaps the best part of all: a pair of Pokémon-themed cover plates — one showing off Charizard, and the other featuring Blastoise.

All this Pokémon goodness, and the year is just beginning — who knows what else Nintendo may have in store for us with nine months remaining in the year?

David Oxford is a freelance writer of many varied interests. If you’re interested in hiring him, please drop him a line at david.oxford (at)



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David Oxford

David Oxford is a freelance writer of many varied interests. If you're interested in hiring him, please drop him a line at david.oxford (at)