The Nintendo Download – 3/31/2016

Pokemon fighting and Mario slugging.

Hm, the Nintendo Download feels a little slim this week; there aren’t any headlining Nintendo 3DS releases (only one, in fact), no Nintendo 3DS themes, and even the sales feel fewer than normal, while the Activity promoted is U.S. only. Maybe it’s due to the release of Miitomo happening today as well? Yet even that isn’t mentioned here. Go figure.

Lovely Planet for Wii U – You’re on a quest to reach Lovely Planet, and to get there, you’ve got to make use of speed-boosting boots, infinite ammo, and the ability to jump more than twice your own height. No sweat, right?

You can save 15 percent off the purchase of this game until May 5th, 2016, provided you downloaded the demo during the [email protected] promotion.


Pokkén Tournament – Demo Version for Wii U – Not sure if the world of Pokémon fisticuffs is right for you? Find out with this free demo!


Mario Super Sluggers for Wii U – If you missed this title on the Wii, now’s your chance to swing for the fences and steal some bases. You’ll need a Wii Remote to pitch and use as your surrogate bat, though, but with that in hand, you’ll be able to play with up to four players across nine stadiums ranging from ice castles to an urban cityscape to become champion.


6-Hand Video Poker for Wii U – “Multiple hands, unlimited play, a realistic pay-table, and a moving Las Vegas theme” are what this release has stakes in.


Chronicles of Teddy: Harmony of Exidus for Wii U – Solve puzzles, gain skills, and talk to townsfolk to save Exidus in this 2D adventure.


Now I Know My ABCs for Wii U – This program for the younger crowd uses color association, audio cues, and positive reinforcement to help teach children about how to write letters (actual letters, not long-form correspondence).


Pixlcross for Wii U – More than 150 puzzles ranging from 5×5 to 35×35 span four levels of difficulty in this Picross game.


Justice Chronicles for Nintendo 3DS – Two heroes must work together to thwart destiny and save the world in this 40+ hour role playing game.


Fire Emblem Fates – New DLC Map – Vanguard Down – For $1.99 USD, you can take part in a trial ground that uses Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn‘s “Elincia’s Gambit” stage. You can also purchase Map Pack 1 to get everything released through April 21st for less than you’d pay individually.

Nintendo eShop Sales (Taken directly from Nintendo’s press release; prices in USD)

  • Nintendo eShop on Wii U and Nintendo 3DS
    • 99Moves (Wii U), Soccer Up 3D (Nintendo 3DS) and more from EnjoyUp Games are on sale until 8:59 a.m. PT on April 21.
    • Baila Latino (Wii U), Luv Me Buddies Wonderland (Wii U and Nintendo 3DS) and more games from Oxygene are on sale until 8:59 a.m. PT on May 15.
  • Nintendo eShop on Wii U
    • Stone Shire is 50 percent off (reduced from $1.99 to $1) starting at 9 a.m. PT on April 1 until 8:59 a.m. PT on June 1.
    • Canvaleon is 50 percent off (reduced from $9.95 to $4.95) until 8:59 a.m. PT on April 7.​
  • Nintendo eShop on Nintendo 3DS

For more information, screens, and videos for each of this week’s releases, click on the corresponding links above.

David Oxford is a freelance writer of many varied interests. If you’re interested in hiring him, please drop him a line at david.oxford (at)



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David Oxford

David Oxford is a freelance writer of many varied interests. If you're interested in hiring him, please drop him a line at david.oxford (at)