Popular Games: Old vs. New

A tale as old as time.

Written by Luke Stelle; edited/formatted by David Oxford.

Popularity, as we all know, is quite a fickle master that tends to follow the latest trends, and due to its dynamic nature it can be difficult to figure out which new titles will be the most favoured. But what happens when you bring older games into the mix?

As you’d expect with heated debates such as these, there are sound arguments on either side of the divide; for example, it can be said that older games are more focused on single player experiences and more in-depth stories. On the other hand, you have commentary that states that new games provide better graphics and a wider range of complex genres.

To try and help out (if that’s possible with such a broad spectrum), we’ve taken a game from each platform: PC, console, and mobile to see whether old is better than the just-released.


Console Game: Silent Hill (franchise)

There is an excellent reason why these games resonate with players so much, and that’s down to the psychological horrors that you’re subjected to throughout the gameplay. As we’re looking at the entire series and not just one game, it makes it tricky to decide whether the title is better now or when it was first released in 1999 by Konami. You could say that when it was launched there was nothing quite like it, and therefore the older game is the better of them all because it’s the original. Moreover, this is definitely one for solo players, as its immersive experience is designed for you and you alone.


PC Game: Tetris

Okay, so you can get a game similar or the same as the original on pretty much any device, but we’re talking about the old school games that we played after school on our PCs. This title is arguably the ultimate retro game, and considering that people still play it today, everyone could be right. However, it is just a simplistic building block activity when all is said and done, and isn’t led by story. Still, it is enjoyable for most ages, and is ideal for when you need a quick pick-me-up, much like a lot of mobile games circulating nowadays. If you’re looking for a great way to have a competition with friends, or maybe just want to test yourself, this game is a social beauty.


Mobile Game: Roulette

Again, this is a bit of a cheat as roulette titles are pretty much timeless, with only the novelty graphics and other details ever reaching an expiry date. Nonetheless, it is a goldmine for mobile players, especially because there is monetary gain attached to it, if you so wish (there are plenty of “play for fun” options alternatively). Providers like LadyLucks are excellent places to discover a passion for spinning the wheel; they enable you to play alone or with other users, bridging the gap between multiplayer and single player. Furthermore, you have the chance to win some cash if luck is on your side; just don’t let your wife on it – nobody needs that level of competition!

So there we have it, three games for three platforms, all of which have varying levels of age and revamps. But what does it tell us? In all honesty, it doesn’t settle the old vs. new debate, and it’s unlikely any list ever will, for it is a matter of preference. However, it does show that whichever way you choose to play, you’ll always find a good outlet, whether you like retro or modern, PC, console, or smartphone.

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