Why Aren’t All Games Cross-Platform?

Can’t we all just play along together?

Written by Toby Murray, edited by David Oxford


It’s an issue that plagues just about any gamer regardless of whether you’ve got a Nintendo, PlayStation or an Xbox: Why is there such a divide between different platforms?

Obviously there are technical limitations between playing on a mobile and an advanced gaming PC. But with the rise of cross-platform titles like Grand Theft Auto Online, the FIFA franchise, and even many top casino games, it’s hoped that some of the top publishers might be a bit more liberal in where they allow their titles to appear.

It’s the concept of exclusivity that seems to cause the biggest barrier to true cross-platform gaming. For example, it took nearly a year for Rise of the Tomb Raider to come to the PlayStation 4 after its exclusive Xbox One release.

And whilst such tactical releases can help drive the sales of particular console through some pretty aggressive marketing tactics, it does ultimately create a frustrating experience for the 21st century gamer.

It would be hard to imagine the likes of Pokémon GO and Minecraft becoming such iconic titles if they hadn’t eased gamers’ access through being available on a variety of different platforms. And such a concept has also undoubtedly helped brands like Betway become big news in the casino sphere as their online blackjack games can easily be played on all manner of digital devices from smartphones to tablets and laptops.


There’s clearly a much greater cost involved for games developers to modify each title to a different gaming platform, but with simpler mobile games clearly in the ascendancy and even virtual reality headsets upsetting the playing field, it’s clear that cross-platform gaming could be the future.

Many games developers have pointed the finger at Sony as being the main obstacle as to why we can’t enjoy a greater choice of cross-platform gaming. Despite Microsoft’s apparent willingness to facilitate the concept of people competing on games via a range of different platforms, it seems that Sony are wanting to keep the walls up between different gamers.

However, as competitive gaming becomes increasingly popular and has almost reached the point where it is considered an alternative to sport, it’s thought that such barriers will soon become dissolved.

And with big sponsorship deals from multinational brands paving the way for the eSports revolution, it’s hoped that whether we’re into online casino games or intense multiplayer action, we can all enjoy the benefits of cross-platform gaming.



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