In my review of Dead Rising 4, I think I made it pretty clear how much I enjoy it when the game world and the real world are in sync, particularly with regards to time of year, weather, that sort of thing. And I think that I made it clear in my Forza Horizon 3 review that it’s just a really enjoyable game — enough to make my Giftamania 2016 list.

Ah, but the latter game takes place in Australia during a sunnier time of year. What is one to do?

Well, Microsoft Studios and Playground Games have the answer in their newly-released Blizzard Mountain expansion for Forza Horizon 3:

These snowy, elevated areas are “a place where speedy vehicles are welcome, ice and blizzard conditions are the norm, and snow tires are heartily recommended,” according to the press release. And for those playing on Xbox One S, it’s even better:

For players on Xbox One S with HDR-ready hardware Blizzard Mountain is a visual treat. HDR allows you to see detail in the beautiful snow-covered terrain of Blizzard Mountain like never before thanks to the expanded contrast range available on the Xbox One S. Together with HDR, our physics-based rendering system ForzaTech brings even more accuracy to the experience, with sunlight bouncing off the snow and the ice, and frozen lakes glistening under the mountain’s all-new Australian winter skies, all immersing you in a completely authentic winter wonderland.

In addition to new places to race, there are also new vehicles, new specially designed events and challenges, and even new Achievements. You can check all those out right here.

The expansion can be purchased on its own for $25.99, or as part of the Expansion Pass, which is normally $44.99 but is $13 off for the next 17 days if you purchased the Ultimate Edition.

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