Xbox Unveils Accessible Packaging for Adaptive Controller

Easy to open, easy to use.

Following up on the unveiling of their Xbox Adaptive Controller, Microsoft has revealed that it’s not just the controller that will be more accessible, but the packaging around it as well, which you can now see here:

Our packaging is a series of moments that create a unique customer experience. These moments can manifest themselves in many ways. Physical touchpoints, visual or material cues and structural elements are designed to lead the customer through a logical and seamless unboxing. With the Xbox Adaptive Controller, we knew we had to make the packaging accessible for gamers with limited mobility. That required us to re-think some things about how we package our products, including what type of moments would be most meaningful. It was critically important that we incorporate accessibility into the packaging design and unboxing experience. The out-of-box experience is the first thing customers encounter when they purchase our products and it’s important that we get that right.

Microsoft has gone into more detail with regards to how they came to design this packaging, each of which you can read about at Microsoft StoryLabs and Xbox Wire.

The Xbox Adaptive Controller is available for pre-order now at the Microsoft Store, and will be available for $129.99 CAD when it is released this September.


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