Animal Crossing: New Leaf Journal: Week 2


Continuing my thoughts on Animal Crossing: New Leaf, I had mentioned previously that the beehives were back, and you can now turn a profit on them. What has also returned is that they will sting your face, causing all of the villagers to react accordingly– that is to say, with shock and horror as your new disfigurement.

What gets me here, though, is that even if your face is covered, they can still see it clear as day– something I never got. Even when wearing full face-concealing masks, they just always seem to know. They suggest getting medicine, but Nooking Junction doesn’t have it yet, though that may change by tomorrow.

On a note related to things with many legs: I’ve been killed by a spider… twice. Okay, maybe not really killed, but you black out and start back in front of your house, where you begin each session. That’s pretty much a death in video game terms, though you thankfully have no stock of lives, nor are there any penalties I’m aware of. Still, heck of a thing to include.

I’ve attempted to catch both bees and spiders, but with little success– just one bee so far. The whole “holding” position for the net is what thwarts me, as I’m used to pressing the button and having that sucker hammer down. It’s good for sneaking, but I find myself holding it even when I want an immediate swing. I’m not sure whether this is a new addition or not, but it will take some getting used to, regardless.


After several attempts, I’ve finally gotten Sable of the Able Sisters to open up to me a bit. It’s nice that she takes some time from her workaholic days to say something, and even tell some interesting tales regarding her, her sisters, and even Tom Nook.


On a related note, her sisters got her this ginormous sewing machine. Apparently, I can turn my patterns into QR codes for sharing with this, and since she’s intimidated by it, I can use it to “show” her how it’s done. Who wants a QR code of my town flag? It makes a great t-shirt!


Next door to the Able Sisters’ shop, a new gardening place opened up. Unfortunately, they apparently aren’t heeding the nighttime ordinance I put into effect last week, meaning I have to visit at a time earlier in the day than any other shop in town. Mildly irritating, but I did so, and found that this is where you get your axe. Unfortunately, the axe doesn’t seem as good as it used to be for rapid-fire rock-smashing for bells– you could get more than with the shovel if you set things up right, but no more? I need to give it another try.


With my approval rating at 100 percent, I also began a new public works project to build a new bridge, so that the inner-part of town would be more easily accessible. Everyone is supposed to chip in for it, but townsfolk only donate about 100 bells a day out of the hundreds of thousands it takes to build. They probably didn’t even donate that much, as I wound up paying for it in a couple of days out-of-pocket. They sure don’t mind using it, though!


And there she is. There were two options, cobblestone and suspension. I went for cobblestone, since it was so close to the other bridge, which was also cobblestone. Strangely, the two types cost the same amount, despite the vastly different materials. I want to say with that, “why not go cobblestone, if at all?”, but I’m looking towards a third bridge further upstream, and wondering if a suspension bridge might not be a nice variation.


I encountered a new scenario recently: Lost items. Pick it up, and then you have to ask everyone until you find who it belongs to, then get your reward. It’s an interesting variation on the errands you tend to run.

As an aside, while on the subject of finding items, I did finally get a slingshot. Strangely, it seems like balloons come by a lot less often now. Hmm…


A pleasant surprise awaited me the other day, as I learned that Timmy and Tommy were expanding their base of operations. Unfortunately, this required them to close for a day, but since I do all my selling at Re-Tail, it didn’t bother me much. I went by earlier to see the large tent construct you see at right, with lots of hammering, saws, and such noises going on.


What I didn’t expect was this to go up on the other side of the Able Sisters’ place. Is it part of Timmy and Tommy’s construction, or is something new being put in place? I guess I’ll find out later today!


Speaking of Re-Tail, I went by to find that Sleeping Beauty, aka Reese’s husband, Cyrus, had awoken from his slumber. As you can see, he’s the defensive sort…


…very defensive.


He does have a talent, however: He can take a piece of furniture and remake it for you. For instance, he remade the polka-dot stool at left into the one you see at right by changing the body color and cushion.

…I expected something different, admittedly.


Crazy Redd made his first appearance in town since I got here, and he seems to be selling art exclusively now. Things have changed a bit, as he doesn’t require a membership, and you can only buy one of his four items per visit. Even then, you have to wait until he’s finished his business in town before he’ll mail you your purchase. Somehow, he seemed less shady before!

Thanks to this helpful guide, I was able to pick out a legitimate “Famous Painting,” which happens to resemble the Mona Lisa, and donate it to the museum.


Despite finding her lost item, Melba was thinking of leaving town. I convinced her to stay, however. Truth be told, it didn’t take much convincing.


One thing that really got to me this week was that the Bug Off was on Saturday, but I wasn’t able to participate, due to real life business. Apparently the night ordinance doesn’t count towards this sort of thing, as it was all over when I got to play that night. That’s not what bugs me, though.

Everyone I talked to seemed down about the awards ceremony being cancelled, and I’m thinking that it’s due to my absence. Here’s the thing: I never saw anything which said I was needed to play any sort of part in this. Heck, I thought if anything, I’d be a participant, which leaves the question: If I won, do I award myself a medal, ribbon, or whatever the prize was?

So I felt kind of bad, even though I had no idea what I was supposed to do, nor would anyone tell me. Not even my secretary, Isabelle! The whole thing has just left me confused, and a little irritated– I’m not a bloody mind reader, after all.


Further irritation occurred when I decided I’d at least try to get things moving on the new bridge. It was around 2am when I decided to start the project, when I was greeted with the above message… many hours after the Bug Off had ended. Today’s event was over, and there were no more festivities to be enjoyed, so why couldn’t I work?

Oh well.


In happier news, I finally got my hat! And those are steampunk glasses I’m wearing with it, because why not?

So, that’s been the bulk of Week 2. For those who are just starting out, CVG has a rather useful guide for getting things going and making the most of New Leaf. Me, I’m using some of it, but ignoring other things like the store upgrade/addition schedule, as I like those to be a surprise.

Additionally, if you’re wondering about the screens I’ve got, those were taken with the in-game camera feature by pressing L and R at the same time. If you have an SD card reader, you can just use that to extract the pictures; if not, there’s a guide for uploading them to Twitter or Tumblr here (via Kotaku).

See you next week!

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animalcrossingnewleafboxartAnimal Crossing: New Leaf will be released for the Nintendo 3DS on June 9th, 2013, at a price of $34.99 at retail and in the Nintendo eShop.

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