New Super Mario Bros. 2 Review: Addendum

For those who have already read my review of New Super Mario Bros. 2, posted on Friday, here are a few extra things I was unable to mention at the time for one reason or another. If you haven’t read the review yet, then I’ve taken the liberty of adding some of these items in.

I spoke of a lack of Yoshi’s Island-esque 3D moments, where in that game walls would fall towards the player from the background, or enemies far off in the distance would suddenly leap towards the foreground, making an immediate impact on the playing field. New Super Mario Bros. 2 does have one such moment later on, but it’s rather disappointing they didn’t take advantage of the Nintendo 3DS to help make those Yoshi’s Island-type experiences reach their full potential.

The trailers had me looking forward to some new backgrounds taking place at different times of day, with a nighttime and a sunset level shown. It’s a little thing, but it still adds something– personally, I love the night, and the nighttime levels of the original Super Mario Bros. and its successors were some of my favorites. The following exchange from Iwata Asks had me even more excited:

Iwata Super Mario games in 2D have always had a traditional graphics style, but in addition to extending and developing the gameworld from games past, did you try anything new?

Ishikawa This time, we added some night and evening scenes. It feels very different than before.

Iwata It was always a blue sky.

Ishikawa Yes. But this time, the designers had a desire to change that a bit. Design-wise, it’s an extension of what has come before, but the night scenes make a slightly different impression.

Iwata It’s definitely Super Mario, but at the same time it’s a world we haven’t seen before.

Ishikawa Yeah. I thought it would be good if everyone would be thrilled and—in a good way— it would be great if a sense of something unusual arose.

I’ve been through every world, though there are a few hidden exits I’ve yet to unlock. But unless one of those is hiding such a level, then the two seen in that video (and in several trailers) are well and truly it for that aspect. Plus, both are in secret worlds, with the nighttime coming after you’ve beaten the game. All I’ll say is that I’m disappointed that there isn’t more, and that I hope New Super Mario Bros. U features more of them than what we’ve seen in its videos and screenshots.

One thing I noticed only now as I played late into this morning is that the game took away the effect used in New Super Mario Bros., wherein Mario goes down a pipe on the top screen and finds himself underground on the bottom screen. This isn’t really a huge positive or negative, especially since it took me so long to realize it, but it was a neat touch which I don’t think they used enough. Others may feel different, though, so this may be a good thing for them.

Finally, two things I mentioned on PoisonMushroom.Org is those who say this should have just been a Wario game are way off the mark; the fact is, this plays nothing like a Wario title, and the coins are really the only thing they have in common. This is Mario, through and through. The other is that if you go for the download version, your wait times may vary; a colleague of mine waited an hour for his, while mine finished in the five to ten-minute range.


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