Xbox Live Marketplace Update for 9/12/12

Lots of fun updates to the Xbox Live Marketplace this week, with Double Dragon: Neon leading the way for an un-bro-lievable 800 Microsoft Points. I’ll have a review for you soon, but as you might be able to tell already, I’m rather fond of this game so far.

It’s joined by Red Johnson’s Chronicles – One Against All, which also goes for 800 MS Points. Unlike the neon 80’s brawling of Double Dragon: Neon, this is instead a puzzle-based investigative game cast against a noir setting. But don’t worry if you like fisticuffs, as you’ll still need to employ them from time to time here.


A few neat new updates to the PlayStation Store today, including YouTube for Canadians! This 5MB download doesn’t have a price attached, and promises to… well, let you watch YouTube on your television through the PlayStation 3. Hard to complain about that!

EA Sports FIFA Street and Max Payne 3 are also now available to download, with the latter also receiving a special bundle which allows you to get the game and the Rockstar Pass at a discounted price, allowing you to get all of the additional content released through the end of the year. Battlefield 3 Premium Edition has a similar deal going on as well.

And among other things on the PlayStation Network, there is also today’s release of Double Dragon: Neon. This will also be on Xbox Live Arcade tomorrow, and I have a review of the game coming soon.

For everything else released today, just read on.


Once upon a time, the name “Double Dragon” was huge in the world of gaming, often uttered alongside such household names as Super Mario Bros. and The Legend of Zelda. That was a long time ago, however, and the series has since all but completely faded into security.