WB Reveals The Simpsons and Midway Arcade Sets for LEGO Dimensions

Several months ago, I wrote a fairly thorough article on PoisonMushroom.Org about why Warner Bros. should join the whole interactive toys/video games business, and as I was finally writing that piece… well, they did just that (even the vehicles!). Only not in quite the way I was expecting them to.

Rather than simply banking on their own wealth of properties, they teamed with LEGO to provide something truly unique in LEGO Dimensions, and the scope reached beyond even what I had imagined with properties such as Back to the Future being a part of the initial offering. As weeks and months went by, even more were added, such as Jurassic World, Dr. Who, Ghostbusters, and even freaking Portal. It’s like nothing else, and hard not to get excited for.

In the aforementioned article, one source of inspiration I said they could tap was the Midway library they purchased. Recently, they revealed that Midway Arcade and The Simpsons would both be joining in, but there were no pictures to accompany this revelation — at least, until now.


From the press release:

The Simpsons Level within the LEGO Dimensions Starter Pack incorporates a cel-shaded art style, for a look that is true to the original, animated series and unique from the other levels within the game. Players will face an unlikely pair of evil masterminds in The Simpsons Level – Lord Business and The Joker – who have joined Lord Vortech’s legion of villains and invaded Springfield. It is up to our heroes to defeat them and restore order in The Simpsons world. For fans of The Simpsons that want to customize their LEGO Dimensions experience, a The Simpsons Level Pack which includes a LEGO Homer Simpson minifigure and The Simpsons Fun Packs which include a LEGO Bart Simpson minifigure and a LEGO Krusty the Clown minifigure were also announced. All of the characters, vehicles or gadgets from any of these expansion packs can be combined with any other characters, vehicles and gadgets that exist throughout the game, and can be played in any level, with any other entertainment property. Imagine the fun of Bart Simpson riding a Velociraptor in Metropolis.

While the inclusion of The Simpsons is cool and all (and we can only hope there will eventually be a set to build Homer’s dream car, “The Homer“), it’s no small secret that I’m a big fan of Midway. When the announcement was made, I’d already seen The Simpsons LEGOs before — I wanted to know what this set would entail.

The LEGO Dimensions Starter Pack contains a Midway Arcade level in which The Lord of the Rings‘ Gandalf and The LEGO Movie‘s Wyldstyle find themselves inside a video game, and “must race in Super Sprint, smash their way through hordes of enemies in Gauntlet, save astronauts in Defender, and defeat robots in Robotron.” If that wasn’t enough, the Midway Arcade Gamer Level Pack includes a Retro Gamer LEGO figure, the G-1655 vehicle from Spy Hunter (the Nintendo 3DS game was highly underrated, by the way), and a Defender arcade machine, as well as allowing you access to a level with 20 arcade games to beat.

Here’s the full infographic to break down who comes in what type of pack, and when:


Unfortunately, while there is a Midway level in the Starter Pack launching on September 27th, the Midway Arcade level pack won’t be available until March 15th, 2016. Gadzooks, that’s a long wait!

The Simpsons fans are lucky — besides being part of the Starter Pack, Homer is part of the first wave that launches alongside it, while Bart and Krusty come just over a month later. Oh well, at least I’ve got Back to the Future in that same first wave.

In the meantime, here are some nice screens for you to to drool over:

To reiterate, LEGO Dimensions will be available for the Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, and Wii U on September 27th, 2015. To keep up to date with all the latest happenings in LEGO Dimensions, you can follow them on Tumblr, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.