Check out the Nintendo 2013 Holiday Mall Experience!

Nintendo of Canada is bringing out its holiday best for 2013 as it plans to host events at malls across Canada. Unfortunately, the lineup of malls isn’t as big as the lineup of games they’re bringing, but if you’re able to make it, you’ll find them at the following locations on the corresponding dates:

  • Toronto, ON
    Square One: Nov 25 – Dec 8
    Toronto Eaton Center: Dec 9 – 15
  • Vancouver, BC
    Metrotown: Dec 2 – 29
  • Montreal, QC
    Carrefour Laval: Nov 25 – Dec 8

There, the following games will be available to try out:

Luigi's-Mansion---Dark-Moon-3DS-BundleNow here’s a bundle to make a Canadian swell with pride. Exclusive to Canada and only at participating Walmart stores, Nintendo is releasing a special bundle on June 14th which contains a Cosmo Black Nintendo 3DS handheld system and a copy of Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon, which was developed by Next Level Games in Vancouver, British Columbia.

While supplies last, the bundle will retail for $179.99 from its debut on June 14th through June 20th (though only through June 18th in Quebec). After that period ends, the regular price of $189.99 goes into effect. So you’ll be saving $30 versus purchasing them separately during the sale, and $20 once the sale ends.

“Players can get great value in buying our top selling portable hardware and one of our best-selling Nintendo 3DS games, all in one purchase,” said Nintendo of Canada’s vice-president and general manager, Ron Bertram. “This special bundle is an exclusive to Canada and another way we are celebrating the Year of Luigi.”

480px-Multiplayer-LMDMIn addition to LEGO City Undercover, I recently got to take my third crack at Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon; together, it felt like Christmas in March.

While I did get to play around with the single-player mode, I didn’t really get any further than I did back in July (though I did get to enjoy the opening cutscene this time). Suffice to say, the experience was largely the same; in fact, I was able to breeze through the portion I did play based entirely on my experience from half a year prior. So instead, this piece will focus on what I got to play of the multiplayer experience.


357px-LuigihattipEarlier today, Nintendo of America (and Europe, and Japan) ran a new “Nintendo Direct” video, which you can find here. Over the course of the video, we were updated on a number of upcoming titles, but several previously-unannounced titles were revealed as well.

Perhaps the biggest news of the show, however, was that 2013 would mark “The Year of Luigi.” We already knew about the upcoming release of Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon for the Nintendo 3DS, but Nintendo seems keen on giving the younger Mario Brother the spotlight with a number of upcoming new releases, whether they feature Mario or not.

What follows are several of the announcements, accompanied by my own thoughts on each and screens (where available).


Nintendo of Canada has issued a press release regarding the Fall and Winter lineup of big name titles for the Nintendo 3DS, and with it comes a little bad news, and a little good news.

The bad news, as you might have guessed from the title, is that Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon will not be released this year, much less by Halloween (which, if you read my preview, you’d know I was really stoked for). Instead, it is now scheduled to arrive in the broadly-vague first half of 2013.


If you are a member of Club Nintendo, a rewards program for Nintendo customers in Canada as well as the United States, then you should know by now that the Club year has ended as of June 30th, and if you’ve registered enough games and filled out enough surveys to qualify for Gold (300 Coins) or Platinum (600 Coins) status, then you are now able to select one free gift at no cost (of real money or Club Nintendo Coins) to you– and that includes free shipping!


Our coverage of Nintendo of Canada’s post-E3 event from Toronto has now concluded. If you’re just now finding the site or simply want a quick reference to find one of the articles, then this post is for you!

Two other games were also available at the event, but I unfortunately did not get to spend much, if any, time with them: Batman: Arkham City – Armored Edition and ZombiU, both for the Wii U. From what I saw, both looked impressive, and the short time I had with Batman was fun, but not quite enough to form a full impression from. Plus, not having played the releases on the other platforms for which it’s available, I could probably not offer a very thorough impression.

At the end of Nintendo of Canada’s post-E3 event held in Toronto last week, I had the opportunity to speak with a representative from Nintendo of Canada, Mr. Matt Ryan. After sampling many of the games on the event’s show floor, I brought up several different topics to him in the hopes of covering as much ground as possible in the short time we had.

Well, “short” being relative; I could probably go on all day, if given the chance. Nonetheless, I learned some interesting things during our discussion, which I am now pleased to share with all of you.


The newly rechristened Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon for the Nintendo 3DS is our last hands-on offering on our tour of Nintendo of Canada’s post-E3 event, but it’s certainly not the least of what we’ve seen. In fact, I would even have to go so far as to say that this may just be the game I’m most looking forward to of those shown, on the Nintendo 3DS if nothing else.