The Nintendo Download – 12/12/2013 – Nintendo 3DS Miiverse System Update!

Nintendo 3DS System Update – The biggest of the big news to come this week actually came about a day ago, as Nintendo officially released a Nintendo 3DS System Update which now adds the Miiverse features enjoyed by many a Wii U owner into the Nintendo 3DS architecture. Now, those playing with Portable Power can register their own Nintendo Network ID, or join their system with the ID created for the Wii U, if one should already exist. This also combines the Nintendo eShop balances and Wish Lists from both systems, and the NNID will now be required for downloading free content such as game demos from the eShop.

With the Miiverse, gamers can socialize and interact with one another by posting messages, art, and even screenshots in the designated communities for each title. There is even a Nintendo 3DS-exclusive offline mode, which can store up to three messages as you wait to get back online, where you can post them manually. Handy for when you’re on the go, but you need to capture the moment.

The last bit of news regarding the update is that Nintendo has finally done away with system transfer limits! Previously the scourge of anyone who ever wanted to buy a new version of the hardware, pass down an older unit, or otherwise need to switch, users can now perform the transfer as many times as they wish, albeit with a new limit of once every seven days. Prior to this, one could only perform the transfer a total of five times.


RUSH – The third and last of the Two Tribes classic titles coming to the Wii U eShop, this three-dimensional puzzle game is played entirely on the Wii U GamePad as you guide cubes to color-coded exit points, using your stylus to move conveyor belts, warps, and more tools to get the job done.


Double Dragon for the Wii U and Nintendo 3DS Virtual Consoles – “For Might! For Right! We are Double Dragon!” The brothers Billy and Jimmy Lee join forces to– oh, right. This is the NES version, so no Billy Lee, and no co-op mode, which kind of takes the “double” out of this dragon. There is a 2-player versus mode, however, for when you want to get your multiplayer on, and though it lacks the series’ famed “two versus the world” gameplay, this version is still widely regarded as a classic in its own right.


3D Ecco the Dolphin – They call him Ecco, Ecco, faster than lightning… wait, that’s some other dolphin’s song. One of SEGA’s iconic properties from the days of the Genesis, Ecco now sports the full stereoscopic 3D treatment as a portal opens in the sky above the ocean, sucking just about every living thing out of it and leaving our hero to solve the mystery and save his oceanic family. And if you need an extra boost in order to do the job, the new Super Dolphin mode ensures you’ll never lose health or oxygen!


3D Galaxy Force II – Don’t be mistaken; the Galaxy Force is not the newest breed of Power Ranger. Rather, you play as a defender of Junos, the final world Halcyon must conquer to finally reign over the galaxy as the Fourth Empire. But you’re the star pilot of the governing Space Federation, and in the cockpit of the TRY-X, you’re Junos’ last hope! In addition to sporting stereoscopic 3D visuals and GamePad Pro support, this title also features a new Arcade Cabinet mode, so you can relive the game as it originally was.


Nano Assault EX Demo Version – A free demo and a reduced price await those who have been holding off on this title. Taken from a mode of the original retail Nano Assault game, improved graphics and gameplay guide you as you work to destroy the virus core and save humanity.


AeternoBlade – Demo Version – After the village of Ridgerode was destroyed by the Lord of Mist, Beladim, Freya took up the mysterious AeternoBlade in her quest for revenge. With the formidable Vernia by her side, she may yet be able to unlock the weapon’s secrets and gain her revenge on Beladim.


Jump Trials Supreme – 100 stages await as you must run and jump across various obstacles to reach their end. Can you do it… in just ten seconds?


Life with Horses 3D – Breed, groom, and care for over 100 different horse combinations in this stud farm simulator. And with StreetPass support, you can meet other players to breed even more foals!


My Style Studio: Hair Salon – Be a stylist with your stylus! Five characters are at your disposal to wash, color, cut, curl, and style their hair through the use of 15 different tools.


Orion’s Odyssey – Available on Nintendo DSiWare and the Nintendo 3DS eShop, this all-ages geometric shape puzzle game is the successor to Hands On! Tangrams, and features 100 pattern puzzles spread across 10 themed levels, and boasts about eight to ten hours of gameplay.

That’s everything for this week. As always, just click the corresponding links above for more screens, information, and videos for this week’s downloads.