Capcom Vancouver Packs It in for Puzzle Fighter

After only five months since its release, Capcom Vancouver has announced that it will be shutting down its Puzzle Fighter game for iOS and Android mobile platforms.

Those who still wish to give it a shot can download it for free until July 1st, with the servers being shut down at the end of that month (July 31st). In the meantime, players are going to be gifted with 10,000 gems, the in-game currency, as well as new characters (Dr. Wily, Regina, and Ada Wong) and levels (Darminor and Uroboros Laboratory) that have been or will soon be released in the wake of this announcement. Plus, if you still have any in-game currency you’ve purchased, that’s still valid, though further purchases have officially ceased.

Oh, and if you’re interested in listening to the game’s soundtrack for free, check it out streaming on SoundCloud.

The reason given for the shutdown of the game given by Capcom employee Jeffery Simpson over on the Capcom-Unity blog is so that the studio can turn its focus towards further installments in the company’s flagship Dead Rising games. “As huge fans of Puzzle Fighter ourselves, the team here at Capcom Game Studio Vancouver is proud to have created a new version of the game that’s unique and enjoyable,” he said as he thanked those who supported and enjoyed the game.

This comes in the wake of news earlier this year that Capcom had laid off around 30 percent of the studio while reducing the scope of the next entry in the Dead Rising series. As part of their statement, Capcom notes that the studio was continuing to support Puzzle Fighter.

Source: Capcom-Unity, via USgamer

On the night of Wednesday, May 10th, 2017, Warner Bros. Interactive held a special Canadian launch party for the release of Injustice 2, which arrives in stores digital and physical alike next week. To my sheer delight, I was invited to partake in the event, and as such, you can now see what I got to see.


Photograph by Evan Bergstra

The event took place at The Gallery at 99 Sudbury Street, and if that seems familiar to you, you’ve got a sharp mind — that’s the same location where Nintendo of Canada held their Yo-Kai Watch 2 preview event last September. Be sure to take an extra candy from the dish if you managed to make it out to both.


Upon entering the building, guests were greeted by three enormous banners displaying rivals Superman and Batman, as well as a newcomer to the series in Supergirl.


And just to your left was one of the main attractions: Four demo stations set up to run the PlayStation 4 version of Injustice 2. I managed to be one of the first ones to land a spot to try the game out, and that wound up being just a little more eventful than I realized, but more on that later.

I’ll save full thoughts on the game for when I get to review it, but I will say that as a newcomer to the series, I was expecting something a little more akin to Mortal Kombat, given that Injustice is a product of MK developer NetherRealm Studios. That turned out not to be the case, however, as it felt a bit different to not only that, but the likes of Street Fighter and Killer Instinct as well. Even though I was caught off-guard, I’m happy to say that I found it rather easy to adapt to.


On the back wall behind the banners, there was a demo station for the mobile version of the game, which is a free-to-play app for iOS and Android that is available starting today. It expands upon the swipe and card-based gameplay of the original Injustice: Gods Among Us app, and once again allows you to unlock bonuses in the console versions of the game.


To the left of the mobile game station, a trailer for the game ran via projection. Given you can see Batman himself looking at a series of holographic projections, it added an almost meta feeling to watching it. Nice touch.

injusticelaunch03 injusticelaunch04

Further to the left on that same wall, the large “Shattered Alliances Mural” was prominently displayed, and would provide the backdrop for several pictures and interviews taken throughout the evening.


Rounding the corner to the left wall, one would see that two local DC Comics artists from the Royal Academy of Illustration and Design, Marcus To and Francis Manapul, were in attendance. While they did not work on the game itself, they nonetheless brought with them a number of pieces which were inspired by the Injustice universe.

Photographs by Evan Bergstra

As it turns out, the event was well-catered with a number of unique dishes and an open bar. While I happily partook of the latter (albeit only for a can of Coca-Cola), I didn’t know food would be provided, or else I’d have gladly skipped lunch in favor of this.

That said, I at least made a point to try out the Food Dudes Mac & Cheese dish (seen in the two bottom-center pics), which was made on the spot and quite good. It tasted pretty much how you might expect from reading the ingredients: the mac and cheese had a relatively mild flavor, with the smoked tomato ketchup providing a contrasting balance and a bit of pop and the panko providing a bit of a satisfying crunchy texture.

Unfortunately, it’s a difficult dish to recommend; not on account of quality, but availability. I can’t seem to find it on any of their food truck or restaurant menus, only catering. So with that said, if you’re at or hosting an event catered by this company, I say it’s definitely worth a shot.

Oh, right, I’m supposed to be talking about the game.

Besides the opportunity to try the game out ahead of launch (though there has also been beta playtesting), the highlight of the night was none other than the legendary video game designer, co-creator of Mortal Kombat, and director of Injustice 2 himself, NetherRealm Studios’ Ed Boon.

In addition to talking to and taking pictures/selfies with the fans in attendance, Boon took part in a Q&A session on stage, hosted by Ajay Fry from Space:

First, apologies for the slight swaying of the camera, my arms weren’t holding up well for steadiness by this point in the evening.

I have to admit, I had no idea he worked on the likes of Defender, Missile Command, or Asteroids — and at age 16, no less. Maybe his Wikipedia page just needs updating? That, or I’m terrible at reading jokes, either is entirely possible.

At 4:35, I couldn’t help but wonder if Ajay was referencing a certain former creative for a comic book starring another world-famous video game character. Naaaah (but maybe?).

Moving to 7:56, remember how I said earlier that when I was playing, I’d have an unknowing impact on the evening? Yeah, this is it right here: I’m pretty sure I was that Flash, because I definitely beat a Swamp Thing at the start of the night. I’m not even joking. It would have been a real nervous collar-tugging moment for me, had I not been using both hands to try to steady the camera (actually, I think I might have done that anyway).

There was a brief opportunity to ask some questions with the special microphone-cube they had there, but I ended up passing — partly for the integrity of the video (watching other guys fumble to catch it was kind of fun, though; maybe I should have recorded that), but also because I have enough questions I could ask Ed Boon to fill out an entire feature-length article, so narrowing it down to just one was nigh-impossible in that time frame.

Incidentally, it’s worth noting that I did get to talk to Mr. Boon earlier in the evening, and even got my picture taken with him!


Photograph by Evan Bergstra. There are some pics on my camera, too, but this one just looks better.

I did get to briefly ask him if he’d be interested in participating in a project I’m only just laying the groundwork for, and he seemed interested. However, that’s a way into the future, if it ever happens, but it’s a good step!

It also sounds like I might have had the biggest smile of the evening for one of these pictures, or so I was told. I guess I was more excited to meet Mr. Boon than I realized, but I am a pretty big fan of Midway, so I shouldn’t be too surprised.

As for Injustice 2, I’ll wrap things up here with this recent trailer which — as the title says — basically tells you everything you need to know about the game in just under five and a half minutes:

Injustice 2 will be available for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on Tuesday, May 16th, 2017. And as noted above, the mobile version is available today on iOS and Android devices, and is free-to-play.

Finally, a big thanks to Warner Bros. Interactive for having me out to the event; it was a great time!

All photos by David Oxford unless otherwise noted.

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Do you love Minecraft and Magic: The Gathering, but somehow can’t manage to find time in your life for both? Then I have good news!

Well, contingent on your primary means of playing Minecraft being either the Windows 10 or Pocket (known collectively as the “Bedrock Engine”) editions, anyway.


Mojang and Microsoft have announced that soon, you’ll be able to download 15 Magic: The Gathering skins, including “fearless planeswalkers” and legendary “Magic creatures,” all for just $2.99! A specific date wasn’t given, but the press release I received says it’s out today. At the very least, it sounds like you can already try a few for free right now.

And if I’m being honest with you, all I know about Magic: The Gathering is that it’s sort of like Yu-Gi-Oh!, except it isn’t and predates that franchise, as well as whatever I’ve gleaned from the occasional LoadingReadyRun sketch (but I don’t watch the more dedicated Magic stuff they do). So if you’re looking for more info, then let me just throw you over to their official blog post, where you can read more insights and see more skins and images and have a better idea than I do of what you’re looking at.

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After previously announcing their second major in-house developed mobile title, Super Mario Run, back on September 7th, Nintendo of Canada has finally come forth with further details about precisely when iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch owners will be able to purchase the game, and for how much.

Tentatively announced for December 2016, a more specific release date of December 15th has been nailed down. The game will be free to download, allowing players to try out each of the game’s three modes, but to access everything in full (including the game’s six worlds, 1-1 to 6-4), there is a price. For fans Stateside (or who might just happen to have a U.S. iTunes account), the cost will be $9.99, but for those of us north of the border here in Canada, the price will be $13.99.

“The wait is almost over for a Super Mario game that can be played on mobile devices,” said Nintendo of America’s Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Doug Bowser, in a press release. “Developed under the direction of Mario creator Shigeru Miyamoto, Super Mario Run brings a new take on the series’ beloved action-platforming gameplay to iPhone and iPad for the first time.”

Nintendo has also released a new trailer today which demonstrates the gameplay and modes contained within:

iOS users will need to have version 8.0 or later to play the game, which is being released in 151 countries around the world with language options for English, Japanese, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Dutch, Russian and traditional Chinese.

More information about the game can be found on the official website, where you can also pre-register for the game’s release notification. Unfortunately, while Nintendo has said that the game will be coming to Android, it won’t be in 2016, and no further information on that version’s release has been given as of this writing.

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In case you hadn’t heard: After being released in the United States, Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, Spain… well, most of the free world in the days and weeks prior, The Pokémon Company and Niantic finally remembered that Canada exists and released Pokémon GO here last night.

In further “in case you didn’t know,” Pokémon GO is a free-to-play Augmented Reality (AR) game available for iOS and Android mobile devices which uses a Global Positioning System to track your location, with the various Pokémon popping up “in real life” (read: viewable among your surroundings via your device’s screen) for you to catch. Various landmarks serve as PokéStops, where you can stock up on Poké Balls, and the occasional egg, while others (often churches, strangely enough) serve as Pokémon gyms, which various teams (Valor, Mystic, and Instinct — you’ll choose yours when you reach Level 5) fight for control over.

I’ve only been playing it since last night, and it’s been fun so far. You can read more about the game on the official website if you still need to better familiarize yourself with it.

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Hm, the Nintendo Download feels a little slim this week; there aren’t any headlining Nintendo 3DS releases (only one, in fact), no Nintendo 3DS themes, and even the sales feel fewer than normal, while the Activity promoted is U.S. only. Maybe it’s due to the release of Miitomo happening today as well? Yet even that isn’t mentioned here. Go figure.

Lovely Planet for Wii U – You’re on a quest to reach Lovely Planet, and to get there, you’ve got to make use of speed-boosting boots, infinite ammo, and the ability to jump more than twice your own height. No sweat, right?

You can save 15 percent off the purchase of this game until May 5th, 2016, provided you downloaded the demo during the [email protected] promotion.


Pokkén Tournament – Demo Version for Wii U – Not sure if the world of Pokémon fisticuffs is right for you? Find out with this free demo!


Mario Super Sluggers for Wii U – If you missed this title on the Wii, now’s your chance to swing for the fences and steal some bases. You’ll need a Wii Remote to pitch and use as your surrogate bat, though, but with that in hand, you’ll be able to play with up to four players across nine stadiums ranging from ice castles to an urban cityscape to become champion.


6-Hand Video Poker for Wii U – “Multiple hands, unlimited play, a realistic pay-table, and a moving Las Vegas theme” are what this release has stakes in.


Chronicles of Teddy: Harmony of Exidus for Wii U – Solve puzzles, gain skills, and talk to townsfolk to save Exidus in this 2D adventure.


Now I Know My ABCs for Wii U – This program for the younger crowd uses color association, audio cues, and positive reinforcement to help teach children about how to write letters (actual letters, not long-form correspondence).


Pixlcross for Wii U – More than 150 puzzles ranging from 5×5 to 35×35 span four levels of difficulty in this Picross game.


Justice Chronicles for Nintendo 3DS – Two heroes must work together to thwart destiny and save the world in this 40+ hour role playing game.


Fire Emblem Fates – New DLC Map – Vanguard Down – For $1.99 USD, you can take part in a trial ground that uses Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn‘s “Elincia’s Gambit” stage. You can also purchase Map Pack 1 to get everything released through April 21st for less than you’d pay individually.

Nintendo eShop Sales (Taken directly from Nintendo’s press release; prices in USD)

  • Nintendo eShop on Wii U and Nintendo 3DS
    • 99Moves (Wii U), Soccer Up 3D (Nintendo 3DS) and more from EnjoyUp Games are on sale until 8:59 a.m. PT on April 21.
    • Baila Latino (Wii U), Luv Me Buddies Wonderland (Wii U and Nintendo 3DS) and more games from Oxygene are on sale until 8:59 a.m. PT on May 15.
  • Nintendo eShop on Wii U
    • Stone Shire is 50 percent off (reduced from $1.99 to $1) starting at 9 a.m. PT on April 1 until 8:59 a.m. PT on June 1.
    • Canvaleon is 50 percent off (reduced from $9.95 to $4.95) until 8:59 a.m. PT on April 7.​
  • Nintendo eShop on Nintendo 3DS

For more information, screens, and videos for each of this week’s releases, click on the corresponding links above.

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Nintendo recently released their first foray into the world of mobile gaming in Japan with the release of Miitomo, a free-to-start smart-device application which allows users to “spark one-of-a-kind conversations with friends in a whole new way using Mii characters.” After two successful weeks on the charts (one million downloads in the first three days, taking top spots in both the App Store and Google Play), Miitomo is now making its way westward and will be available in Canada on March 31st, 2016.

“With Miitomo, Nintendo takes its first step into the world of smart devices,” Nintendo of Canada’s General Manager and Senior Director, Pierre-Paul Trepanier, said in a press release. “Miitomo brings the special Nintendo charm and polish that people around the world love to an entirely new format and audience.”

Miitomo_MiiPhotoCreation Miitomo_AdditionalQuestion

After creating a Mii from scratch, based on a photo taken with the device’s camera, or by scanning the QR Code of a Mii from the Nintendo 3DS or Wii U, Miitomo users can find friends by linking the app to their Twitter or Facebook accounts. Once that’s done, a variety of questions will be posed and your answers will be shared among your friends, who can then comment with hearts or written/picture comments.

To pre-register for the game, sign up for a Nintendo Account at before March 31st and you’ll be notified by e-mail once the app becomes available. Those who do will also receive Platinum Points to be used in the new My Nintendo rewards program, which will launch simultaneously with Miitomo:

Aiming to be much more than a standard rewards program, My Nintendo is a comprehensive service that rewards users for interacting with Nintendo products and services in a variety of ways. Miitomo users who link the app to their Nintendo Account will be able to take advantage of My Nintendo to enhance their experience. Platinum Points can be earned by interacting with Nintendo apps and services, including Miitomo. Gold Points are earned when purchasing digital versions of games from or Nintendo eShop on Wii U and Nintendo 3DS. Both Platinum and Gold Points can be redeemed for rewards like games, download content, in-app items and eShop discount coupons.

On the same day Miitomo and the My Nintendo rewards program launch, Nintendo is also relaunching the Nintendo eShop on Nintendo 3DS and Wii U. Now, owners of Nintendo Accounts will be able to find and purchase digital software through various filters on the enhanced website at, whether they visit through their computer or smart device, and all purchases are sent to the appropriate Nintendo system to begin downloading. What’s more, by purchasing through this method, users will be able to earn My Nintendo Gold Points.

In the meantime, Nadia has already taken a look a the Japanese version of the game, and you can read her findings over at USgamer (spoilers: she likes it).

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