Nintendo TVii to Launch Today

Nintendo TVii Logo

Nintendo pulled the curtain back on one of their newest initiatives, Nintendo TVii, back in September, and since then, I’ve tried to learn more about what this means for Canada. The Wii U launched just over a month ago with no sign of the program in sight, with only the reassurance that it would come before the holidays.

And today, on December 20th, we will all finally get to experience it for ourselves.


Following the announcement of Nintendo TVii for the Wii U, I brought up that several of the services on display are distinctly American, though Nintendo has said that the service will be available in Canada as well. Today, I’ve just received some further information from a Nintendo of Canada representative about the Great White side of the service.

As one might have expected, given its availability on the Wii, Netflix has been confirmed for Canada’s Nintendo TVii service. Meanwhile, “other deals are in the works.”

I’ll continue to bring you more information as it comes.

Another new announcement from Nintendo regarding the Wii U is the introduction of Nintendo TVii, “an application that will let Wii U owners in the United States and Canada find, watch and engage with their favourite video entertainment in fun new ways. Using the GamePad controller, Nintendo TVii lets viewers seamlessly explore available video content from a variety of sources – including live TV and video-on-demand services such as Netflix – all in one easy-to-use interface.”

Of course, whenever such services tend to be introduced, there is always the question of how they will function in Canada. As you can see in the video above, they demonstrate such services as Hulu Plus, Amazon Instant Video, and TiVo, which are all distinctly American in nature. As a result, I’ll do what I can to find out what Nintendo TVii has to offer for Canadians and update as soon as I find out anything.