Nyteworks is Now on Patreon!

Over the weekend, I finally did something I’d been considering for some time now: I launched my own Patreon:

If you’re reading this, then you probably know what the Nyteworks sites are all about already. That said, I feel like I could be doing more, and would really appreciate any sort of help that you, my readers, might be able to offer towards that end. With that help, I would be able to focus more on these sites and expand my coverage, making them all around much better than they are currently.

Ideally, I’d be able to expand my review coverage on Mario’s Hat to a little more even of a spread between the Xbox and PlayStation platforms. As it stands, the most current non-Nintendo machine I have is an Xbox 360. Getting the games isn’t a problem, but the hardware is another matter.

On PoisonMushroom.Org, I want to bring more original content on a more regular basis. Instead of trying to pitch articles such as “Toy Infinity and Beyond: Why WB Should Join the Toy Figure Video Game Market” around to other sites, I can just bring it directly to you right here (in this instance, I just knew that Warner Bros. joining the “toy to life” market wasn’t a matter of if, but when).

Trust me, I’ve no shortage of ideas– I’ve got an ever-growing backlog of articles I’ve been dying to write, but have had to put aside in the greater interest of paying the bills.

With enough support, maybe I can even expand into video more regularly; I’m starting at the bottom, so that would take a bit of work and dedication. On that same note, enough support could even bring back the long-dormant Pre-Order Blog, too!

In short, I want to write for you.

On that same note, one might notice a lack of rewards on my Patreon page. That’s because I’m interested in what sort of rewards you are interested in for supporting me at specific levels! Do you want to be able to suggest articles? Play games with me online (that’s apparently a thing)? Something else (within reason)? Let me know in the comments, and I’ll see what I can do!

If you’d like to get started, then…


Over the past couple of weeks, you might have noticed something new in the header, footer, and sidebars around here. Something… tiny.

Today, I would like to officially welcome Tiny Girl Tiny Games into the Nyteworks family. The site is run by my wife, Nadia, a former contributor to such fine websites and publications as 1UP, About, Nerve, IGN, GamePro (online and print), Official PlayStation Magazine, Slide to Play, and more. Currently, she writes for Gamezebo, USGamer, 148apps, Pocket Gamer, and Nvision, as well as occasionally contributing to Nintendo Force magazine (which is currently accepting Year 3 subscriptions through Kickstarter). Put simply, she knows what she’s doing.

This also marks the first Nyteworks website I don’t have a direct hand in running.

The theme of the site is that it is “primarily dedicated to celebrating small handheld games that bring big happiness,” so everything ranging from Game Boy to PlayStation Portable to iPhone to Nintendo 3DS is fair game. It should also be noted that there is already content available now, ranging from news and reviews to Lets Plays, discussions about cool game music, and more.

In conjunction with the website, Nadia is also running a Patreon to help support it– something I’ve been considering myself for quite a while now, but I can talk about that another time. “I started up TGTG because I want a place where I can kibitz about games at my own pace,” she says, “but I’m hoping I can scrape together a few bones for the expensive job that is surviving.”

Freelancing is a very volatile career, and supplementing my income with physical / service work is no longer an option thanks to my new neighbour, fibromyalgia. Fibro likes to make it difficult for me to stand and walk, whereas less than two years ago I had more than enough strength to lift and carry German shepherds. Ha ha! Fibro is such a card!


I need to keep writing to survive. But I know times is tough all over, so above all else, I hope you enjoy my words about video games and become a frequent visitor.

Suffice to say, any support you show for her also supports me, what with the whole marriage thing we have going on and all. So naturally, I encourage you to support this endeavor! I would anyway, but what can I say? I like eating more than discounted Kraft Dinner on occasion, never mind having to support these little troublemakers:


That said, as with many Patreons, there are perks for donating certain amounts. A dollar receives some exclusive game-related writing, while five gets the $1 tier and exclusive early access to certain essay-length pieces. $10 gets the rest and early access to video content (provided the monthly goal is reached. Incidentally, Patreon isn’t displaying those for some reason… help?), $20 gets the aforementioned and a digital .pdf collection of dressed-up essay-length pieces, and $40 will net the rest along with allowing you to request a game-related topic every other month. Finally, $50 gets everything, plus a physical copy the .pdf collections.

Again, if you’re interested, just click here; Nadia and I both thank you if you contribute! And even if you don’t, you can still enjoy fresh new gaming content from Tiny Girl Tiny Games!