Transference is Now a Reality

If you’re looking for something new and Canadian-made to try out for your virtual reality setup, Ubisoft has a possible solution for you. And if you don’t have a VR rig? That’s fine, too.

Developed by Ubisoft Montreal in a collaboration with Elijah Wood, Daniel Noah, and John C. Waller’s production company, SpectreVision, Transference is described as a “first-person exploration” game which sees you exploring a mysterious house and solving its mysteries. Along the way, you’ll encounter members of a family who each not only have their own story, but their own individual point of view regarding the events which took place there.

“Whether playing in VR or non-VR, players will find themselves in an escape room like situation inside the experiment of a troubled scientist,” explained Producer Kévin Racapé in a press release. “They’ll shift between the three perspectives of family members and attempt to find out the disturbing truth. Transference is a visceral, engaging experience, and we can’t wait for players to enjoy unraveling the mystery in this mind-bending psychological thriller.”

Rated “M” for Mature, Transference is available now for the PlayStation VR, Oculus Rift, and HTC Vive virtual reality platforms, as well as in non-VR forms on the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Windows PC at a suggested retail price of $33.49. There is also a free downloadable demo which serves as a prequel titled “The Walter Test Case” that is currently available for the PlayStation VR and PlayStation 4 (non-VR).

If you’d like more information about Transference, please visit the official website.

playstationvrincludesAt the Game Developers Conference, Sony Computer Entertainment has at long last announced pricing and the time of release for their much-anticipated virtual reality interface, the PlayStation VR.

Arriving in October 2016, the suggested retail price will be $549, a bit of a jump from the $399 those in the States will be paying. For this, you’ll receive… er, everything pictured at right, including the PlayStation VR headset, headphones, some other cables, and some square things sporting PlayStation logos on them.

In case you hadn’t guessed, their PlayStation.Blog post isn’t very descriptive or enlightening on the matter.

They do reveal, however, that they have more than 230 developers on board to create new experiences for the device, and are looking at having some 50 titles released between its October launch and the end of the year, covering a wide range of creators from smaller independent studios to triple-A publishers. Personally, I would not be surprised to see a new Call of Duty that takes advantage of the new hardware, but nothing seems to have been announced yet on that front.

Right out of the box, though, all new PlayStation VR owners will be able to download The Playroom VR for free. Fresh from Sony’s own Japan Studio, The Playroom VR seems to be a tech demo consisting of six games playable with friends and family, “demonstrating why we believe VR can also be an impactful experience when it’s shared.”

Now that you know the time and the price, are you interested in becoming one of Sony’s own VR troopers?

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