The Nintendo Download – 8/27/2015

The Force is unleashed this week, as are a number of indie stars in the product of some home-grown Toronto talent. Plus, a cult favorite Nintendo/Treasure series sees a second chance at life.


Disney Infinity 3.0 Edition for Wii U – First, there was Disney and Pixar. Then came the age of Marvel Super Heroes. Now, Disney Infinity stretches to a galaxy far, far away (and also a long time ago). This one will be available in the Nintendo eShop on August 30th at 9am PT. Click here for a trailer.

Oh, and I probably should have used a Star War screen here, but there was no way I was saying “no” to Hulkbuster Iron Man vs. The Hulk. Luke and Co. can make do with the banner/thumbnail instead.


Runbow for Wii U – A host of indie stars join a cast of original characters in this competitive platformer from Toronto’s own 13AM Games. Two single-player modes are joined by five local and online multiplayer modes that will test your skill. Click here for a trailer.

Also, if you downloaded the [email protected] demo during the Electronic Entertainment Expo back in June, you can save 15 percent off the purchase price until September 27th!


Sin & Punishment for Wii U – This Nintendo 64 classic by Treasure has you (and an optional second player) run, gun, and slash your way through resource-consuming mutations and end their reign of terror on the future Earth.


Sin & Punishment: Star Successor for Wii U – The Wii sequel follows in the footsteps of the original, only now you can use the Wii Remote and Nunchuk to help up your game.


Brave Tank Hero for Wii U – The original came to the Nintendo 3DS earlier this month, now you can experience the action in high-definition on your Wii U!


FullBlast for Wii U – Either one player or two simultaneous can answer the glorious rallying call to action of “You’re our hero, Kill them!” in this top-down shoot ’em up.


PIXEL SLIME U for Wii U – In a unique twist, this auto-platformers challenges you to compete for the lowest score you can get across 40 levels.


Gotcha Racing for Nintendo 3DS – This top-down racing game has a twist as well: you get your parts from a capsule machine! As you progress, you’ll gain access to new tiers of capsule machine, and thus better parts.

Theme Shop on Nintendo 3DS

This week’s new themes are “Splatoon : Squid Sisters” and “Woah Dave! Alien Invasion!”

Nintendo eShop Sales (Taken directly from Nintendo’s press release; prices in USD)



Splatoon Transformers Splatfest – From 9pm PT on August 28th until 9pm PT on August 29th, join Team Autobot or Team Decepticon as you wage war for turf and the rights of all sentient beings. Join your team at the Pledge Box in the plaza prior to the Splatfest, and winners can pick their prizes up there after. Learn more at

Builders Week – With Super Mario Maker just around the corner, Nintendo will not only be highlighting the best building games for Wii U and Nintendo 3DS (such as Mario vs. Donkey Kong: Tipping Stars, Stretchmo, and Pushmo World) until August 31st, with challenges issued for builders to complete as they try to earn a $5 Nintendo eShop credit.

…and it’s apparently open to U.S. residents only. I wish I’d thought to check before writing this up (and one reason why I wish there were separate Canadian press releases for the Nintendo Download).

Still, it’s not a total loss: Even more interesting is that they will be releasing Vs. Excitebike on the Wii U Virtual Console for the first time during this period. Two games went by that name: a Famicom Disc System release with some changes from the Nintendo Entertainment System/Famicom original, and the arcade game, which would be HUGE, as Nintendo has yet to release any of their own actual arcade versions of games on any of their home consoles — not even after launching their own “Virtual Console Arcade,” which they were conspicuously absent from (I’m still dying to give Vs. Super Mario Bros. a good run, and I’d love to see Mario Bros. and the arcade Donkey Kong finally get their due).

Still, given the “building” theme, it seems the FDS version might be the more likely release.


For more information, screens, and videos for each of this week’s releases, click on the corresponding links above.