Game Informer Brings New Wii U Info to You

For those interested in learning more about the Wii U, Game Informer‘s new issue (pictured above) has exclusive coverage of Nintendo’s upcoming game console for all to read. In addition, they are also hosting a month of exclusive stories and videos on Following is a bit of what the issue contains.

Some new information which has arisen concerns the announcement of two new “attractions” to the launch title, Nintendo Land, which includes an update of the “Battle Mii” demo from last year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo into its own full-blown Metroid attraction. Meanwhile, there is a video on their website showing off an all-new attraction, “Balloon Trip Breeze,” which is based on Balloon Fight and more specifically, its “Balloon Trip” mode as you use the Wii U GamePad to create wind to blow the Balloon Fighter around obstacles.

There is also a fair bit of new info and screens from New Super Mario Bros. U as well.

According to a report from Nintendo Everything, suspicions have been confirmed as the game will indeed have its dozens of levels scattered across one large map (with some interior areas focused on separately), much like Super Mario World. So far, that map has seven worlds confirmed, including the Acorn Plains, Sparkling Waters (tropical), Frosted Glacier, Layer Cake Desert (“complete with melting desserts”), and areas similar to the Forest of Illusion and Sky World, plus a world surrounded by a tornado, all of which can be panned around at any time.

One issue some have had with the maps in the current New Super Mario Bros. games is how linear they tend to be, with only an occasional, single diversion. According to Game Informer, however, it seems there are more routes with numerous choices as to where you can go next.

For years, people called for the return of the Koopalings, and Nintendo has clearly listened, as this will mark their third New Super Mario Bros. series appearance in a row as they wait in castles scattered across the map. Mid-world fortresses, meanwhile, are guarded by Boom Boom, who was in Super Mario 3D Land and apparently traded places with Reznor for these titles. And in the end, you must once again rescue Princess Peach from Bowser, because that’s simply how you want these things to be done.

One last bit of info provided is that the game will feature an extra challenge mode called “Boost Rush mode,” which features auto-scrolling levels. Whether these are the old, annoying auto-scrolling levels of previous Mario titles or something more akin to the Cannon levels in New Super Mario Bros. 2 is not specified.

Finally, Official Nintendo Magazine has posted twelve new screens which seem to match what Game Informer has here. Click there for the full dozen; in the meantime, here are are a few with some extra analysis:

Something which has either been added to this stage, or wasn’t apparent in the demo I played is that there are now Miis which appear to be cheering you on in the background.

If I’m not mistaken, this is our first confirmation of a full-grown Yoshi (green, at that) you can ride in the game. While not entirely unexpected, this shot also reveals some sort of meter above Mario and Yoshi’s heads. What could this be for?

Finally, Ice Mario returns. Given his absence in New Super Mario Bros. 2, it really makes the handheld and console versions feel like separate series. Now, if we can just get confirmation of the Penguin Suit’s return, we’ll really be in business. Plus, just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water, Torpedo Ted returns!

You can check all this and more out in the new issue of Game Informer, which should be available at EBGames soon, if it isn’t there already. Or, if you’d prefer to get it digitally, you can find out how to do so in a number of ways here.


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