Nintendo Direct Mini Reveals New Super Mario Bros. 2 DLC Plans for North America

Nintendo of America has just released a new “Nintendo Direct Mini” video which reveals the first details of the long-talked about downloadable content for New Super Mario Bros. 2 on the Nintendo 3DS:

The first three Downloadable Course Packs will be released on Thursday, October 4th, and each pack will contain three new stages for Coin Rush mode for $2.50. Each carries with it a different level of difficulty, from one star to three stars to the maximum of five stars– Easy, Medium, and Hard, in other words, with the hard “Nerve Wrack Pack” being “for veteran players only.” Further packs are to come at the end of October and at the end of November as well.

This is pretty cool, and I’m glad to see another nighttime course– in the easy pack, at that. The only downside to this is that these new levels seem to be available only in Coin Rush, so there’s no way to really play them at a more leisurely pace.


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