Wii U Toys Now Available at Burger King

Talk about this BK Crown promotion at Burger King has been buzzing for a little while now, but as we head into November and the release of the Wii U on November 18th, Nintendo is getting the hype machine rolling by offering Activity Boxes and toys inside of the Burger King Kids Meals.

Read on to get a look at everything available and what each item does. Click to enlarge the images.

Mario Shell Shooter

“Hit or miss! Pull back the ‘cross-hair’ button and launch six discs. Take turns with your friend to hit the target and collect points.”

Wii U Sticker Dispenser

“Decorate your crown with this handy Wii U-shaped box with loaded sticker sheets. Slide it up, decorate, and enjoy.”

Wii U Piranha Plant Catch

“This Wii U themed toy houses a ball catch game. Slide down, release and launch the pellets into the piranha cups.”

img_toy_slide4bSuper Mario Mustache Maker

“Now you can have a mustache just like Mario. Just place the clay in the mold to create a Super Mario mustache. An area to store the clay is inside the themed toy.”


“Make him twist, bend, or raise a hand. Have all the fun with this freestanding Mario figurine with adjustable arms and legs.”


“Have all the fun with this freestanding Luigi figurine with adjustable arms and legs. Make him twist, bend, or raise a hand.”

Diddy King’s Link Up

“Don’t let the Diddy Kong fall! This full color box contains 10 molded Diddy Kong figures that hook together.”

Super Mario Cloud Racers

“Make Mario and Luigi race against each other! Push the screens of each Wii U themed toy to launch them forward – and see who reaches further.”

Super Mario Chuckin Shell

“This green shell propels forward on wheels. Pull back to wind the internal motor and see how far it goes!”

Barrel Down Donkey Kong

“It’s Donkey Kong’s bowling time! Set up the bowling pins and push down on Donkey Kong to launch the barrel. Try to knock them all down!”

In addition, Burger King is promoting two “BK Crown Activity Boxes” (seen above). Their description reads as follows:

“BK and Nintendo are bringing the fun of the all-new Wii U console to life with 10 Wii U theme toys. You can also learn about environmental, wildlife, and educational causes BK supports, and pick one you’d like to support, too.”

Not terribly helpful in explaining what you get with an activity box, admittedly.

These only appear on the U.S. website (as do the actual toy listings seen above), so I’m not sure whether they’re available in Canada or not (this says “U.S. only,” but I’m not sure if they just mean the charities or the boxes, too).

Finally, BurgerKing.com is also offering three different sizes of Mario/Wii U desktop wallpapers, which you can find at the bottom of the page in the link above.

For those interested in getting the toys without the food (or just making one trip), some restaurants will sell you the toys by themselves for a small fee– usually about two dollars. Ask, and see what you can get!


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