Wii U & New Super Mario Bros. U Offers at Old Navy on Saturday, November 24th

When it comes to video game deals and purchases, Old Navy is probably not the first store that comes to mind. But come Black Friday Saturday on November 24th, it could very well be the place to be for those seeking to get a free Wii U or a copy of New Super Mario Bros. U.

If you visit Old Navy on that Saturday (it’s a Black Friday deal in the States, but they’re letting us in on it, too), you can get a game card for a chance to win one of 1,000 new Wii U consoles (the Basic Set, going by the pictures) by entering a code on this website. And there’s no purchase necessary!

However, that’s not the case for New Super Mario Bros. U. To get a free copy of the game, you must first spend $40 at Old Navy, which will be open at 7am on that day for their “Cheermageddon” event. Further details about participation can be found here, and quantities vary per store and are limited.

In fact, I heard that a similar deal for LEGO Rock Band a couple of years ago only had about four copies per store, so be forewarned. Of course, that was another company and deal entirely, so this could be different; there’s only one way to know for sure.

The press release also mentions some stores featuring Wii U demo kiosks running the game from November 22nd to 24th, and Mario-themed photo backdrops as well. However, it only notes these being in the United States, so it appears we may miss out on our Mushroom Kingdom photo-ops with the company’s costumed characters.


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