Tomodachi Life Direct Opens an Unpredictable New World

A life you never imagined.

Only two days after airing its Super Smash Bros. Direct episode, Nintendo took everyone by surprise with a “sneak” Nintendo Direct focusing on another upcoming release for the Nintendo 3DS, Tomodachi (“Friend”) Life.

Two games in the series have been released in Japan, accumulating 55 million sales. The second title will be the first one to leave Japan’s shores, and will arrive in North America on June 6th.

“Nintendo fans are familiar with Mii characters, but now they come to life in ways they never have before – with their own lives, interests and personalities,” said Nintendo of Canada vice-president and general manager,Ron Bertram, in a press release. “Customization and open-ended play are two big video game trends for 2014, and Tomodachi Life delivers a fun, creative experience that makes you want to visit again and again, because there’s always something interesting going on.”

The game allows you to customize a variety of Mii characters from their appearance to their voices, and even their personalities. Though you might recognize your friends, “you can’t possibly predict what they’ll do next.” Based on the personalities you’ve selected, the Miis will set in motion a drama which plays out in zany fashion. Given examples include your mother hopping on stage to belt out a heavy metal song, or a celebrity falling in love with your math teacher. Whatever happens, you can document and share these magic moments with your friends by way of the Nintendo 3DS Image Share service.

The more Miis you add, the more the plot thickens. As new twists and turns occur, you can reward characters with in-game gifts such as clothing, their favorite foods, or something with which they can decorate their apartments. You’ll also be able to explore the island and solve problems for other characters.

In addition, from the press release:

Even your far-fetched celebrity dreams can come true in Tomodachi Life. If you have ever wanted international superstar Christina Aguilera to join you in a sing-off, or believed that she would become BFFs with your cousin or wished she would perform a song with your customized lyrics, it could happen here. The multi award-winning singer has signed on to be a part of Nintendo’s promotional campaign for the game, and her Mii character will be available at launch. Aguilera’s Mii character also will guest star in a TV commercial and in online videos that show all the exciting things that happen when celebrities mingle with Miis players know personally.

You can view the first video of that series here:

More information is still to come before the game’s June 9th release, where it will retail for $39.99. Until then, you can visit the official webpage for more details.


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